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Sozen International School is a private daycare facility.

If your family is certified as needing childcare, you can apply for benefits from your municipality.

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  •  We are now accepting students for 2022-2023. Please call us at or email us. 

The effect of English education starting from infants.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology announced a policy to teach English from the third grade of elementary school.


Generally, it is said that the golden age of language acquisition is from 0 to 9 years old, whose brain is flexible and has high absorbency.


Newborn babies can absorb any words like a sponge, but by the time they are over 1 year old, it seems that the ability to hear sounds and words that are rarely heard will be weakened. 

And when he is about 10 years old, his ability to recognize sounds is almost solidified.

Keeping your child exposed to correct English pronunciation from ages 0 to 9 is a very effective and efficient way to learn English. Exposure to the English language during this period will be a lifelong treasure.

At SIS, a native English-speaking teacher teaches English and other departments in 100% English and plays with them again. We don't use Japanese at all. You will be able to experience studying in the United States here and acquire correct pronunciation.

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Dashi has flavor, aroma, and umami. We use kelp, bonito, and shiitake mushrooms without using any additives to provide a light-tasting meal that makes the best use of the taste of the ingredients. Eating in a well-balanced manner will make you feel better. Incorporate balanced nutrition into your body using seasonal local vegetables, fruits, seaweed, fish, and other ingredients.

We will support you to develop a feeling of valuing food and a sense of accomplishment that you have eaten everything.

Also, how the vegetables you usually eat grow experience in the field of the garden. While learning the ecosystem of the field in English have a good time with insects and plants. Of course, at SIS we live 100% in English.

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In front of Hiratsuka Station, native English teachers, nursery teachers, and Japanese staff with qualifications as kindergarten teachers work full-time. We provide 100% English childcare. Experienced teachers teach English reading, writing, speaking, and communication, as well as music, physical education (rhythm, dance, etc.), painting, programming, science, and more, while having fun with students.

SIS aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who contribute to building a better and more peaceful world through an understanding and respect for diverse cultures. . By being exposed to English from an early age, children learn to speak with fluency and understand the diversity of people and cultures. While learning about ecosystems and nutrition using the school's field, they will also experience farming, digging potatoes and harvesting onions. In addition, our school is currently registered as an IB school and is undergoing training with the goal of becoming an IB certified school.

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CODMON Guardian/Parents application

Technology solves various problems in childcare, education, and childcare, and improves the environment surrounding children.
We support the solution of the burdens and worries of teachers and parents in the world through technology. We will improve the environment surrounding children by creating time and mind for each teacher and guardian to "love the child and interact with them with a smile" and "think seriously about the growth of the child".

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^ 3 minutes walk from the North Exit of JR Hiratsuka Station

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